I seriously have the most beautiful friends.  I'm not necessarily talking about their looks here, although...c'mon.  I'm talking about their hearts, their relationship, and their music.  OHEMGEE, their music.

Let me rewind.

I met Jacob yeaaaars ago in his native Pennsylvania, though he was the same fro-y haired boy I still know, I didn't really like him at first.  He's kind of the sassiest person I know.  but then I discovered that he loved Harry Potter, and it was over from there.  Since then we've gone to premieres, made t-shirts, and every birthday and holiday we greet each other with HP inspired quotes.  He is my brother.

The first time I heard Jacob sing, it was instant love...an often requested holiday jaunt he sings with his brother, Sean.  Only the lucky few have heard it.  But since then I've only discovered DAILY just how talented he is.  He used to have a solo act....until he met his wife.  Although I haven't known Danielle long, we bonded easily.  She just laughs at my moronic spazness and I just revel in her wit and wisdom.  Since she and Jacob have been singing together, his music has become more inspired and romantic.

Our visits back and forth between Illinois and Kansas City (where they live) have become more and more frequent.  This time they stopped by on their tour in the midwest.  And this time I feel like I really got a beautiful glimpse deeper into their relationship.  I'm so grateful for hearing about their relationship as I know it'll only aide me in mine.  We had such a sweet and romantic time together, it's magic seeing them together and hearing them sing...and this time I got to do both, with my camera in hand.  Real love and real laughter, that's what happened here.

A word from Jacob:

Danielle and I came to our relationship from very different places. I was 28 and wanting very much to meet the woman I would fall in love with and pledge my life to. Danielle was 22, just finishing college, and looking forward to a successful musical career, NOT a relationship. The attraction between us was strong and immediate, but chemistry was not. Our first few dates, heck our first few months of dating, were awkward as we struggled to find common conversational ground, and the courage to just be ourselves around each other. But we knew early on that this relationship was something special, something that wouldn't come around again, so we pushed through the awkwardness, and into a deep, true love - built on mutual respect, shared foundational beliefs and aspirations, and an ever-increasing increasing trust. We knew that we had found in each other a safe place. 

  Now, five years into our marriage, we love each other more than we ever have. We've been blessed to have the opportunity to work together, full-time, to pursue our life-long dreams of a musical career. And with the leaving of our "day jobs" and the joining together in what we have long felt was our true purpose, we've become that much closer, that much more fulfilled. Our love, trust, and respect for each other continues to grow with the passing of time. 

  Our shoot with Kristi was very natural. She's the type of person who puts you immediately at ease. We never found ourselves trying to be photogenic; rather, we were with Kristi's subtle leading, drawn to thoughts of each other, of our love story, of our hopes and dreams for our life together. Somehow, the photos she captured reflect that completely. We look more than beautiful, we look in love. And honestly, during the shoot, we FELT in love.  We were both genuinely romantically stirred, and reminded of how good, and right, and true our love is.

Usually I accompany my posts with my favorite love songs, one that fits the couple...this time, it's actually the couple.  And don't stop there...they are nonstop awesome and their site is here.


Usually I accompany my posts with my favorite love songs, one that fits the couple...this time, it's actually the couple.  And don't stop there...they are nonstop awesome and their site is here.