Meet your photographers, Kristi + Nathan! We got married in November of 2016, a whirlwind romance that started with an innocent message on a dating site.

Kristi is your main gal. She is the one you will communicate with + text pictures of your gown to. She will also be crying your entire wedding day. Nathan is behind the scenes. He is full of artistic style + creates masterpieces out of wood + is extremely silly. He will be the second shooter at your wedding, getting all those awesome candids.


We love light + romance + style + emotion.

Kristi is empathetic to her core. Nathan is an introverted observer. Together they bring out the emotion and the small moments that are the core of who you are together. So much of typical wedding photography is pretty moments and Pinterest worthy poses...that is NOT what we're about and it's not what you'll get from us. We are looking for the authenticity that is YOU; the weird way you hold hands, your bizarre nicknames for each other, your favorite place to eat, the story of your awkward first kiss...all of it. We're here to tell your story and to do it while laughing together, drinking beer, and just straight up feeling like we are already lifelong friends.

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Things We Don’t Love

  • Instagram filters

  • phony people

  • uninvolved grooms

  • shot lists

  • bridezillas

  • matching outfits

  • negotiators

  • dark churches

  • traditional weddings


Things We Do Love

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