The excitement is just bursting out of me right now...I have been working on this shoot since JANUARY...and only just finished it up a few weeks ago.  Lots of time, lots of collaborating, and lots of money.  But the result of that kind of blood, sweat, and tears (no really, my florist actually bled profusely) is this ridiculously magical imagery.  I'm baffled at myself, and really proud.

The color scheme was based off the colors of the northern lights and the style of the shoot was based off the glamping "glam camping" trend.

I knew immediately that I wanted to contact my friend Jill.  She and her husband brad have this classic look, they are CRAZY attractive people...and the best part...they are ridiculously in love with each other.  It took us forever to set a date but when we did, it went perfectly.  My lovely friend Ali was there to beautify Jill and the clothes fit Jill like a glove.  It was really nice weather for Chicago in the spring, it only got chilly at the end.  We ventured to RM Champagne and a few parks and had an amazing time together.

The table setting is my baby.  No really, my dad and I actually built that table.  And the pieces I found for Shanon to stuff her floral magic in were so perfect.  And those plates?!  I die.  It's a wonderful thing to see your vision actually displayed in front of your eyes...when it was scattered in your living room only hours before.  The photos were romantic and rustic, just like I wanted and I am just so pumped to finally let you guys see this.  I am so grateful to Jill and Brad for their love, beauty, and willingness to participate, my amazing vendors for being perfect at what they do, and for the world around me that inspired this gorgeous, laid-back style.  It all came together to reveal something unique and gorgeous, a wedding I wish was my own.

And BONUS x1000...this shoot will be featured on RUFFLED very soon...that's only like the biggest deal EVER.



hair + makeup : ali onken // bella's salon

florist : shanon luhring // bittersweet floral

cakes : jordan sneath

styling : thistle & gold