I just love the hell out of our couples, because they love the hell out of each other.  When people just forget that we're around, up in their face with the camera, and just be fully themselves...that's when it's like insane magic.  Like, Harry Potter level magic. These two are ultimate besties and they are so sweet and playful together, they wouldn't have cared if a crowd was gathered around them, they loved on each other like it was their last day together.  We love that. We love when love is in your face and REAL and deep. We love when someone has found the person that is so unbelievably matched to them that you can't picture them apart. Caitlin and Kyle are just that.  They're sweet and authentic and their wedding is gonna be so damn amazing, Caitlin is a designer and has absolutely flawless taste.  

We frolicked around Lake Michigan and had the best time with these guys, we're so obsessed with their personalities and their sweet love for each other.  Watching humans like this commit to each other forever give you a lot of damn hope for this world we live in, thanks for spreading your love guys, everyone could use more of that.

PS I made my first GIFy vid and it was so so so much work but I think it looks pretty dope.