I'm not usually bold.  I don't take many risks because I'm always afraid of rejection...failure...the repercussions.  But when it comes to photography, it's always worth the risk.  When it comes to art, there are no failures.  When it comes to passion, the repercussions are actually rewards.

I reached out to Aubrey and Chase a few months ago when I saw them randomly on Instagram.  They oozed adoration for one another.  They looked so cute and sweet and charming, I couldn't resist.  So I messaged them and tried to be as non-creepy as possible.  We set up a time to hang out together at the end of March.  We met in their adorable neighborhood of Logan Square.

You know the couple is badass when they roll up to the corner in a pair of Pintos.  I was instantly in love with them.  We walked around, laughed a LOT, and even stopped for a drink afterwards.  These two are stunning and sweet and so tender towards each other.  I'm so thrilled to have made two new friends and to have been a part of their love story.