Sometimes the stars align, everything is perfect, and magic is just drifting through the air.  This was one of these times.  

Shanon and I have known each other since high school...I introduced you to her in my last post full of glorious floral that she created.  In our adult lives we've found each other and fallen in love with each other's work.  It's really quite something special.

Shanon and Austin have been together for five with four kids in the house and a small business to run, they've got their hands full.  Taking a time out for just the two of them was definitely earned.  

We found a great little spot off the road on a cool spring day and once we got started, it was pure magic.  The two of them have such a beautiful chemistry and quite frankly are completely infatuated with each other.  It's splendid to behold.  I am so lucky that I got to be there with them on that day and that now I can share their love with you.  Forgive me for the plethora of pictures but it was just too hard to narrow down...these are really special.

I've never told you this, Shan...but you and Austin's story has always given me hope for my own love's a beautiful journey.